How To Find The Right Prescription Safety Glasses

It isn’t easy trying to find the right pair of prescription safety glasses mainly because your every day optometrist doesn’t stock them in store. Most people revert to making their purchase of prescription safety eyewear online and they end up buying the wrong thing.

To make sure you make the right purchase the first time around there is a number if things you should know and do before you buy. Follow these instructions and you shouldn’t have any issues making your purchase.

Know Your Prescription

This seems like common sense to most people but what they don’t realize is that it is important to make sure your prescription is no older than 2 years. Generally speaking, your eye site may change every 2 – 3 years, so having a current prescription is important.

The other important aspect of your prescription is knowing your Pupil Distance, also known as PD. PD is the distance measured between the center of the pupils in each eye. It is important to get this right because it is the location of the optimal center of the lenses.

Know Your Brand

Knowing which brands for are reliable is important. The last thing you want is to buy a pair of these safety glasses and have them break on you within weeks because they were of bad quality.

The most popular and reliable brands at the moment are Oakley prescription safety glasses, RX safety glasses, Black & Decker and also North Safety Glasses. The prices for every brand will vary so it is best to do your research and find out how much you are comfortable paying.

Know Your Size

Just like normal seeing glasses, safety glasses come in different shapes and sizes. If you buy a pair that is not wide enough they will be extremely uncomfortable. Sometimes even causing headaches because the arms of the glasses may press too tightly on the sides of your head.

Not all glasses will fit everyone so knowing the diameters of your face is important so you can tell whether the pair you buy will fit you properly.

What’s Your Code?

Ever pair of prescription safety glasses is made for a different type of job. This means that each pair of glasses will need to pass a certain safety test. Each test is then given a code.

Before you make your purchase, find out which tests the safety glasses need to pass for your line of work and then obtain the code. Make sure you only purchase a pair of safety glasses that have the code that you’re looking for.

Their is no point in buying a pair of safety glasses that don’t meet your works standard, just so you have to return them.

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