Often I will think there is nothing to eat at home and start to scour just eat for food delivery. A full hour later I still have not found food I want to eat.

Further, as I continue with my bid to improve the eating habit of my husband the list acceptable fast food is close to empty.

Today was one such day. After checking out Tilia Artisan and The Farm Collective I decided I would have to cook in order to satisfy my requirements:

1. I am Vit D deficient and must eat good fats and protiens.
2. Husband is addicted to sugar and restaurant food is lathered in butter and sugar to taste.

So I made something up. It’s called ‘Deconstructed Carbonara with Courgette and Pesto and Truffle Nut’

It’s easy and quick to make, tastes great and is pretty healthy for a pasta dish.


250g Fresh Tagliatelle (you can use dried and any other variety)
1 courgette
1 table spoon of Organic Pesto
2 medium eggs (use free range or organic if you can)

5 Brazil Nuts
1 tea spoon Truffle Oil (can be replaced by any oil)
A pinch of paprika
3 drops of Maple Syrup – you can use honey
A pinch of pepper and salt.


Peel the courgettes and then using the peeler cut thin slices and place in a bowl to rest.
Boil the pasta, fresh pasta usually takes about 4 minutes to cook.

While the pasta is cooking chop up most the Brazil nuts finely, keeping a few of the bits bigger.
Place on a bowl and add your oil, paprika, pepper, salt and sweetener, and mix with your fingers. Keep the mix to the side for a few minutes.

Once the pasta is cooked drain and keep to the side.

Poach the two eggs, I find it hard to poach so I use silicon poaching cups. Using the cups will mean that you can now turn your mind to frying the nuts. Place the but mix on a frying pan on a low heat, cook for about 5-6minutes.

You will now have all the elements of your meal ready.

Add the pasta to the bowl of courgettes, add in the pesto and mix.
Serve in a bowl topped with the poached egg and the sweet paprika nuts.


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