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At the start of this year I was in Copenhagen with a friend who has just had her wonderful baby daughter and as such the cameras were going off at all opportunities, mine included.

One of these occasions produced the picture below:

Strong everything 14 ellesbells

I am not one to worry too much about appearances and I was lucky enough to have escaped my teen years with very little emotional scarring caused by comments on my  appearance. Yet, and still this image made me feel unhappy.

The image seemed to me the representation of the unhealthiness and lethargy I had been feeling. I knew I had to change.

Strong Everything 14

While speaking to my friend Nanna we happened upon the idea and of ‘strong everything 14’, this is what I have been channeling for the past 104 days of this year.

What started as a physical mantra has grown as I have applied it to different parts of my life.


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I have applied it to my friendships, family relationships, relationship with my other half, my finances, career. The biggest thing I must address in strong everything 14 is my mental well being, I want to feel well and in body AND mind.

I have also incorporated the idea of soft strength or soft power, essentially I am of the mind that you don’t have go in guns blazing to make a change and that is what I am trying to achieve in my life.

Change, in a way I like and will respond to.

How will I effect the changes?

Two things are important I shall keep in mind at all times, kindness and consistency. When I fail to do something I will just start again, simple but effective thinking. When you are kind to yourself you are better able to keep on aiming for your goals and remain consistent. Consistency is, I have learnt, the key to success.

There are also practical ways I shall effect the change I want.

  • I have put together a money management document. It outlines the amounts I must save and pay off to be in my ideal position in 5 years time, financially strong.
  • I’ve been doing Joy Runs and running with friend.
  • I will be getting a personal training plan from my friend Angel.
  • I have made contact with several people with regard to new work.
  • I have also started my company and have a business 101 class book with my awesome business lady friend.
  • I am making a family tree, this might sound trite but when like me you don’t know your cousin you lives in the same area as you it is necessary.

100 days in and I am feeling better, I will continue to do the work required to keep me surviving and help me flourish.

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  1. I Love this. I wondered what the hastag was about! It all makes sense now and is inspiring! In fact, you’ve inspired me to start running again – I went for my first run since Mushroom this morning! It was great :-)

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