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Jazz Re:Fest 2014

[Event] Jazz Re:Fest 2014 with Omar, Diggs Duke, Andrew Ashong & more

Jazz Re:Fest is back for another year! LINE- UP Grant Windsor’s Broken Big Band ft. OMAR & Special guests, including Vula! Diggs Duke (Brownswood) | Andrew Ashong | United Vibrations | Heidi Vogel | Moses Boyd’s Exodus DJs Daz I Kue (Bugz in the Attic) | Sarah Love | & Special Guest   23rd August 2014 |  7:00 pm |  The Flyover | Portobello Green 3 –… Read more →

Jessie Mae Hemphill photograph by Steve Gardner

[Three of a Kind] I Love Country Music…

I love country music, I’ve loved it from a very young age but I denied it as I got older. It’s not exactly cool music you know. My mum, and many people in Ethiopia, was a fan of Country so I would hear it in the car or at home so I start this three of a kind with a… Read more →


[Three of a Kind] If you don’t like it…

This Three Of A Kind is called ‘if you don’t like it you can fuck off’ It could be a message to other people but sometimes it is yourself you must tell this to. You have to  get with the program and be at peace with yourself. The Sylvers’ track is just ON POINT. “But there’s always one who can… Read more →


[Life] A Miasma of Dissatisfaction

I have been going through old emails this week, specifically those between my husband and I when we were first dating which was 3 years ago. What I found was that I have been repeating the same complaint about my life for at least this duration and probably long before him, a general feeling of walking in a fog. I… Read more →